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Leadership and creativity drive organizational success.  We lead your people to perform far beyond their "natural" leadership and creativity to accelerate your success.  Our knowledge, skills, and experience enable us to lead large cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to higher levels of creativity, insight, and strategic success on complex strategic problems and opportunities.  We also educate managers, consultants, and technical professionals to lead such teams and we work with them to improve organizational culture and effectiveness.

Problem complexity and cultural differences often overwhelm the simplistic approaches to leadership, creativity, and teamwork that most managers, engineers, and consultants have been exposed to.  We go beyond those approaches with knowledge and skills that help cross-functional and cross-cultural teams work effectively on designs and problems that are complicated and must satisfy conflicting objectives.

For more than twenty five years our principals, Dr. Christopher Barlow and Janet Finley have been helping multi-discipline teams around the world  develop high-tech products, improve the design of buildings and facilities, and build a solid collaborative culture.  Whatever your situation, whatever your goal, if teamwork, creativity, and innovation matter, we can accelerate team effectiveness and efficiency, and teach your people to do the same.

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