The Co-Creativity Institute

Keynote Presentations

Keynote events are expected to set a theme, to bring people together around an issue or paradigm.  They open minds to the kinds of inputs, discussions, and creativity the organization is focusing on.  We are experienced at fitting the specifics of your company, your industry, or your strategy within our presentations to make the keynote message meaningful and effective.  With our experience organizing and leading corporate strategy retreats and professional conferences, we can go beyond keynote presentations to other facilitating events and activities that help you accomplish your goals.

Some of the themes and activities that we can draw on to help you include:

bulletThe Un-Appreciated AHA:  Why No One Listens to Your Creative Ideas
bullet Deliberate Leadership: Invoking Followership
bulletEthics, Morality, and Law: Deciding in Conflicted Situations
bulletThinking Like an Entrepreneur
bulletUnderstanding the Whole Elephant and Letting Go of the Coconuts: Understanding Complexity
bulletCross-Cultural and Multi-Cultural Leadership
bulletDeliberate Creativity: Beyond Out-of-the-Box Thinking
bulletCultural Differences in Leadership and Creativity

Other Keynote Services

Our mission is to shift interesting organizations to more effective understanding of their strategic and leadership options.  After researching to develop a presentation and traveling, we prefer to make as much of an impact as possible within the time we are in town.  This can include leading a strategic creativity meeting by an executive group, providing a more detailed presentation/workshop to a sub-group, or simply meeting one-on-one with key executives to discuss approaches to innovation.  Or we can structure a team building event/activity that drives home the message of the keynote presentation.

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